Hi everyone, sorry to bother you with this but, as I said on my last post I've been having trouble with image hosting sites, it'd had been something that happened every few days, except lately it's gotten more and more common and now it doesn't allow me to see any images from any sites (except tumblr) that is if I can log in, which most of the time I can't. And while I love tumblr, it's not the best site to use as an image host, so I'm lost here, since I need to have access to image hosting sites to be able to post pics and right now that seems impossible.

So, for now, I'm going on a hiatus, while I try to solve this.

Sorry if you see this more than once.

From Miss Red

Sorry about the absence of pics, but I'd been having trouble accessing any image hosting sites. I still can't access photobucket, tinypic, imageshack and many other sites I'd never even heard of, but at least I can access imgur again, so it's okay, for now.